Triz-Neft has a well-balanced portfolio of subsoil use sites that allows it to consistently invest with maintaining financial stability in exploration in new areas, and development of new fields.


Our refinery produces diesel fuel to Euro 4 and Euro 5 Standards, but also produces unleaded gasoline A-95 and A-98. The plant started the second line, thanks to the processing capacity of the plant which increased from 1.2 million tons to 3.0 million tons per year.


Main upstream operations of Triz-Neft are in the northern part of Russia. Russian assets of the Company in sphere of hydrocarbon production are presented by 4 fields in the Nenetsk Autonomous Area which is it's main production asset.

The Services segment of Triz-Neft is represented by

Oil Recovery
Trizneft carries out works related to technical and HR provision of services rendered at RUSVIETPETRO’s fields, performs the organization of construction, reconstruction, overhaul, construction control, and preparation of the design documentation engaged by developers or customers, based on a general contractor agreement and renders services in the oil and gas sector for drilling and construction of offshore exploration wells by means of Murmanskaya Jack-Up Rig and Deep Venture Drill Ship, cargo-handling port, auxiliary production services (professional and technical training school).
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