Our Products

Triz-Neft refinery produces:

  • Russian Export Blend Crude Oil;
  • Straight run gasoline (naphtha);
  • Diesel fuel of Euro-5 standard (DT-L-K5);
  • gas condensate distillates;
  • TS-1;
  • Jet A;
  • Jet A1;
  • Diesel Fuel;
  • Mazut
After the commissioning of the combined high octane gasoline reforming unit the range of products will be extended with high octane gasolines of Euro-5 standard A-92 and A-95.

Production Output

The key facts about Triz-neft since its establishment in 2017, we have:

  • Produced 5,21 million tons of Hydrocarbons
  • Reserve volume of 92,0 million tons
  • Oil refining output of 0,83 million tons
Quality Control

Central Laboratory

The purpose of all production laboratories is to ensure the proper quality of the final products in a cost efficient manner. The main functions of the analytical service are to control the quality of feedstock and final products, support the production process, perform environmental monitoring, research and examinations for the purpose of smooth production, product quality improvement, development of new production processes and products and improvement of the existing ones.

Thus, the functions of the analytical service are numerous. The service plays a key role in the achievement of the prime objective of each company — making a profit.

The functions of the analytical service at Triz-Neft Refinery are performed by the Central Laboratory. Currently, it is a corporate unit with over 100 highly qualified staff members.

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